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    Flyer Designing

     Businesses that want to attract new customers or make existing clients aware of your latest promotion will usually send an Email message. This communication or “flyer” needs to highlight the benefits of what your company is offering. To achieve that goal you must incorporate effective sales writing and aesthetically pleasing images.

      Jharkhand IT Solutions has been work on these projects for numerous years and have a solid track record of success. All you need to do is let us know what is the product you wish to promote, call to action and targeted audience and the team at Jharkhand IT Solutions will take care of the rest. Our “turnkey solution” is the best out there.

    Custom Flyers Designs

    Flyers and pamphlets have been around for ages but there is still no better promotional material if you have a large amount of information you wish to share with the world. Flyers work great to handout to clients or post around town where anyone might spot it. These promotional flyer designs can be used for just about anything, here are some ideas:


    • Night club flyers
    • Direct mailer flyers
    • Product catalog flyers
    • Handout flyers
    • Pricing flyers
    • Sales pamphlets
    • Company pamphlets
    • Restaurant menu flyers
    • Business flyers
    • Wedding invitations
    • Custom pamphlet designs

    Before you make any decisions contact us now and learn how we can turn your flyer into a smashing success.