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Basic features of Search Engines Optimizations

Basic features of Search Engines Optimizations

First of all, Search engines are the software system designed to bring out the web searches, which indicates search the world wide web in a systematic manner for the exact information specified in the textual web search query. The search outputs are usually represented in a line of results, often referred to as Search Engines Results Pages(SERPs). The information may be the link of web pages, videos, graphics, images, analytics, demographics, research papers, etc.

Here are some basic features of Search Engines:

  • Allocation of Page Titles: A unique and relevant title is the most important aspect to get the Search Engine to find your website. The title should inform the spiders exactly about the contents of the page.
  • Details of Page Description: The description of the page should inform the rest information to the web crawlers, what your web is all about.
  • Sitemap: The sitemap of the website resembles the complete representation of all the pages on the website.
  • W3 Validation: It is to ensure that there are no errors in the coding, which may prevent the spiders from crawling the webpage accurately and properly.
  • The emphasis of Text: The most important words or phrases by bolding or underlining.
  • Inter-Linking of Web Pages: Hyperlink the keywords and phrases to designated pages within the websites to make it SEO friendly.