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Facebook Landing Pages

Sites like Facebook have revolutionized the world and the way we interact with one another. One method is creating a Facebook landing page, this will help make the world aware of what your business has to offer and could even make your company “go viral”.

Currently, the number two site on the planet is Without question, if you are a business owner, you should have some presence on Facebook. Presence on Facebook as a business owner begins and ends with your Facebook Fan Page. But, you are a savvy business owner and you want to get the most out of your Fan Page, right? That means having a rocking’, custom-designed, landing page for those visiting your page for their first time. It also means having a super sweet landing page for those loyal devotees who are already fans of yours.Take a look at our Like Page (then Like it) and what people see after they have liked our Fan Page for an example of what we can do for you.


The Like Page:

The Like Page, also referred to by some as the reveal page or reveal tab should not simply be the default Facebook landing page which has a like button at the top. There should be a call to action or at the very least something that directs the eye to the like button.Coca Cola does this very well on their fan page. If you are spending money on advertising on Facebook and you do not have a custom Facebook Fan Page you may want to rethink your online marketing strategy.So, here are the elements that go into making a great like page:

  • Directions to like the page
  • Cool design
  • A physical graphic pointing to the like button
  • A reason why people should like your page–exclusive access to content, discount on services, etc.
  • Links to you around the internet–your website, your social media accounts (Twitter, Linked In, or one of the other social media websites)
  • An obvious way to contact you

The Default Landing Fan Page:

Ok, so now you have gotten people to like you. Awesome. The next step. The landing page for your fan page once folks have liked it is equally important to your success. Should the landing page be your wall or perhaps something more robust similar to your ‘Like’ page? If you have a business, we suggest you go with the latter. First, it sends the message that you are a pro at what you do because you have an impressive Facebook page. Next, it makes it easy for people to get specialized information that you want to disseminate to those who like you on Facebook.

For instance, you could have a newsletter for fans to have access to which is only available via facebook. The only way to subscribe and receive valuable money saving deals on your service would be to become a fan and subscribe on your landing page. Or perhaps your landing page would be snapshot of your website–menu items, descriptions of your services, contact information–etc.

These are the elements we feel make up a great default landing page for you Facebook fan page:

  • Thank you message for being liked
  • Cool design
  • Social Media Links
  • Way to interact with you (subscribe to newsletter, submit contact, etc.)
  • A link to your wall or other important apps on your fan page (photo gallery, video gallery, etc.)
  • link to your website or built in menu system to view pages from your website optimized for the Facebook fan page environment

I know what you are thinking–this is all great info, but I want to get to the bottom-line. How much will a custom designed Facebook fan page cost me?

The challenge is developing a Facebook landing page that stands out from the rest and this is where Jharkhand IT Solutions excels.

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